Lisa Hinzman

Georgia Kirby · January 03, 2017 · · 0 comments

Lisa’s experience with Forever Cabinets began as a customer. She and her husband were in the process of building their new home in 2014 when they met with a Forever Cabinets’ designer.

“The quality and customer service, impressed us, but the 3-D rendering of our kitchen really impressed us! Being able to visualize something was easy for me but not my husband, he needed that visual drawing to ease his mind. The workflow and function of my kitchen was important to me, I knew this would be the only time in my life that I would have the opportunity to design a kitchen to my personal taste. I wanted to make sure when I was done that I knew I had taken the time to think out the function/use of each cabinet. Because of this, when it came to moving day I was able to put away my entire kitchen within a couple of hours!”

Lisa’s interest in the design process lead her to seek a position with Forever Cabinets.  She has a background in photography and design and received her Associates of Arts Degree in 1996. Lisa has a creative eye, loves organization and workflow, and will be a valuable part of the Forever Cabinets Design Team.

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