Alicia Walz

Andrew · February 13, 2015 · · 0 comments


Alicia has been designing cabinets since 2008.  Thorough understanding of our construction methods aid her in designing unique, one of a kind specialty pieces. Meeting the customers is one of Alicia’s favorite parts of her job. She really enjoys discussing their needs and wants to provide them with the 3-D drawings that makes their room come to life. Alicia believes being able to watch a log turn into lumber, and then the lumber turn into the beautiful cabinetry is one of the most unique and interesting things about the company. Each person here cares deeply about the quality of the product they are supplying to the next person, which helps us ensure the customer gets the quality they are looking for. The best advice Alicia believes is to, “Take your time planning. For many, this is a once in a lifetime event and I want to make sure it fits you and your family perfectly.”

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