Storage Solutions – Pots & Lids

Georgia Kirby · March 14, 2018 · Uncategorized · 0 comments

I love storage solutions and I help my clients make those functional decisions every day!

Before I was a cabinet designer at Forever Cabinets, I was in the process of building a new home. Forever Cabinets worked with me on designing my own kitchen, and I knew I wanted a place for items that made sense. When it came to my pots, pans & lids I knew they needed to be close to my stove.

What type of cabinet did I want?

My choices were adjustable shelves, roll-out trays, or drawers. The idea of bending over and getting on my hands and knees to get an item out didn’t appeal to me, so adjustable shelves were ruled out. Roll-outs vs. drawers, my deciding factor was did I want 2 steps or 1 step to get to my item. With a roll-out, it’s 2 steps (considering if it’s 1 door) open the door and pull out your roll-out. With a drawer, it’s 1 step, open the drawer. For me, the winner was drawers!

Next was, why not have 2 drawers instead of 3?

This way my large pots would now fit into a drawer.


Next up, where to put the lids?

A tray divider made perfect sense, I could store lids & anything else I wanted in the dividers.

I had a one-of-a-kind experience designing my own kitchen with Forever Cabinets. When it comes time for your next project whether that be remodeling, or reorganizing, keep the efficiency of your storage solutions in mind!

-Lisa Hinzman
Cabinet Designer

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